Why Is It Called a Pothole? How Do They Form?

2) Blame it on a language of the mid to late Middle Ages, Middle English. See, a pot meant a pit. A pot was a geological term, meaning a deep pit in the earth. Apparently the words "pot" and "hole" were not used together until the early 1900s.

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The common causes of pavement deterioration and degradation are overloading, seepage, improper or poor road surface drainage, lack of proper road maintenance, lack of proper design, adverse climatic conditions and some other factors. Road distresses disturb and adversely affect the traffic flow and traffic safety leading to poor performance of the road.

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According to Etymonline, pothole (n.) 1826, originally a geological feature in glaciers and gravel beds, from Middle English pot "a deep hole for a mine, or from peat-digging" (late 14c.), now generally obsolete, but preserved in Scotland and northern England dialect…. Applied to a hole in a road from 1909.

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Definition of potholes in the Definitions dictionary. Meaning of potholes. Information and translations of potholes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


By definition "a pothole is a defect created on the road surface as a result of the primary failure in the asphalt pavement used in the road making, which leads to the structural failure of the road surface. The asphalt pavement failure occurs due to the presence of water in the underlying soil structure and the presence of traffic passing ...

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Pothole definition is - a circular hole formed in the rocky bed of a river by the grinding action of stones or gravel whirled round by the water. How to use pothole in a sentence.

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Definition of hit the pothole A "pothole" is a literal hole in a road. They are usually caused by some combination of heavy weather, lots of traffic, or a traffic accident. I think the name comes from the holes typically being about the same diameter and depth of a pot. Thus, to "hit the pothole" means to run over it. Depending on how fast you are going, this can damage your car and shake up ...

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What is the definition of a pothole? What is Cycling UK's definition of a pothole? Local Authorities use minimum linear dimensions in determining if a road surface defect needs correcting. Please give me some guidance on what the Cycling UK definition is of a 'pothole'. ...

Potholes | Definition of Potholes by Merriam-Webster

Pothole definition is - a circular hole formed in the rocky bed of a river by the grinding action of stones or gravel whirled round by the water. How to use pothole in a sentence.

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pothole meaning, definition, what is pothole: a large hole in the surface of a road, c...: Learn more.

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'Huge potholes mar the surface, only half the road per se is motorable, there is no system of demarcated drains and the entire stretch is one filthy mess.' 'The road wears the usual spring potholes, but the new (very expensive) upper road is holding up well.'

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Prairie potholes are depressional wetlands (primarily freshwater marshes) found most often in the Upper Midwest, especially North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. This formerly glaciated landscape is pockmarked with an immense number of potholes, which fill with snowmelt and rain in the spring.

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Potholes are developed in the solid rock of the bed by pebbles and boulders swirling around in eddy currents . 。 - pothole. - no, that was too big of a noise--,; Pothole. - no, that was too big of a noise -, …

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Fun Facts about the name Pothole. How unique is the name Pothole? Out of 6,122,890 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Pothole was not present. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. Weird things about the name Pothole: The name spelled backwards is Elohtop.

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But you know what I mean by the potholes of life, and unless you are a very unusual person, you have experienced many of them yourself. Advertisement. Just how does one cope with the potholes of life? No matter how hard we try, regardless of how much we zigzag though life, we just can't avoid all the potholes. There are those times that life's ...

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The Pothole Facts. Potholes are the lowly annoyance that in fact cause billions of dollars in vehicle damages and a large portion of highway deaths. Here is a run-down of pothole facts, news and views. According to the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission of the U.S. Congress, the annual investment required by all ...

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BIRMINGHAM'S POTHOLES ARE RANKED IN UK'S LEAGUE OF SHAME. A pothole is where the surface of the road has been worn away, making a hole in the road. This is why the holes in your road might not get filled for a while; The council takes into account a number of things before repairing them.

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Where it comes to potholes, size really does matter. One has to wonder about life before TV and the movies when you consider the origins of Archbald Pothole State Park. Believed to be a result of the Wisconsin Glacial Period (which had its heyday 70,000 years ago), the Archbald Pothole is 38 feet deep and 42 feet wide.

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pothole. Contexts . . Noun. Opposite of a shallow pit or other edged depression in a road's surface. Opposite of a hollow place in a solid body or surface. Opposite of a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles. Opposite of a small cave. Verb.

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Hippie by paulo coelho pilis bulwark meaning in malayalam english words that have a sanskrit origin the times of india potholes formation of 1 form where a rock or many rocks is spun around in the same spot by circular eddy water constant abrasion s to wear away bedrock into hole 2 once started feature self pilis bulwark meaning in malayalam.

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Pothole definition, a deep hole; pit. See more.

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Find 14 ways to say POTHOLE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

What does pothole mean? - definitions

Definition of pothole in the Definitions dictionary. Meaning of pothole. Information and translations of pothole in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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They are called potholes because a pot (cookware) has a big dent in it used for filling much like potholes in out roads. They are called potholes because a pot (cookware) has a big dent in it …

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What is Pothole? Pothole refers to the holes in the roadway that can widely vary in shape and sizes. They are usually a circular hole (although could be of any form) signifying water-filled depression over the surface. It immensely depends upon the quality and thickness of the road. The wider the thickness, the lesser will be the possibility of ...

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The sentence contains two metaphors which describe things that politicians do. You get a few potholes filled means you do accomplish a few minor administrative things while you're in office. Potholes are all over the road and continue to appear all the …

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pothole definition: 1. a hole in a road surface that results from gradual damage caused by traffic and/or weather: 2…. Learn more.

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